Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual team building activities have grown in popularity recently and it is important to pay attention to them if you want to prepare for the future. Getting ready for the future of the company’s remote workforce culture! Newlevel has produced a virtual team building solutions for the future of work. We’ve combined our unique brand of events management and experiential training activities in the same fun mood within a slick.

A lack of engagement can make some employees feel they are on vacation. That’s why it’s so important to stay in link with your company associates and direct them to transform the culture of their selves and house families. So, they can really take it very serious and honest of being in the work mood, instructions, policy, and everything already applied when they are in their real physical office, giving them team building and engagement. Virtual event will boost their morale and show them that company still acting as serious as they were in the real-life office work.

What is Virtual Team Building (VTB)?

Virtual Team Building is like their face-to-face team building events but is hosted completely remotely by an experienced master facilitator and several other facilitators based on the participant’s number, the main host who leads the whole scenario and each other facilitator working online with a team of participants. For example, your company wants to host a VTB for 60 employees who will be split into 6 groups with one facilitator from NewLevel for each group to facilitate their mission through the online video event they see each other, text each other and in some games, they can talk to each other.

New Level Offers an Awesome List of Virtual Team Building Activities

At New Level, we understand the challenges faced when your associates are working from home. So, we have developed a list of virtual team building solutions that will boost your team bonding and increase engagement and interaction:

  • no of participants: 10 – 60
  • Location: Video Base Remotely
  • Here is creativity in its simplest form. This is the activity where everyone involved in an infinite game, there is no loser or winner, its either that we win together or lose together! Each participant will be playing a part of the mix and fade out to the other participants where he/she fade in to the stereo broadcast
  • no of participants: 12 – 40
  • Location: Video Base Remotely
  • All participants are divided into teams, they will be watching a live crime scene through our master facilitator’s camera, he/she will be taking all participants to check the crime scene room. During this virtual tour they will pick up all the evidence to be sent to them within 15 minutes as hard copy to the participants’ team leader to his doorstep and as soft copy of all evidence to be sent to all team members after the teams are selected. Rules of the games will be explained and applied. more details of how it works in our booklet, contact us now
  • no of participants: 20-150
  • Location: Video Base Remotely
  • A traditional childhood activity we all remember from our childhood and school time. The leader of each group will be muted all time and just communicate with his teammates through the camera within the distraction from other team leaders who act the same way of explaining the mystery words/movie names. The leader will be equipped with some symbols to facilitate his mission. More Details of How it works and needed props in our booklet, contact us now
  • no of participants: 15 – 50
  • Location: Video Base Remotely
  • Each group of participants will be working together to complete the puzzle picture by sharing the missing pieces by e-mail with the master group leader who has a printer on his desk ( pre-set plan ). He/she will communicate with his teammates only through the camera without voice explaining the big puzzle picture, so participants can start working on their own library ( pre set ) to pick up the missing images and send them to the master leader who in turn can print out and complete the big picture first and show it front of the camera. more details of how it works in our booklet, contact us now
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