Conference Management

Conference Management Services

NewLevel Egypt provides all needed management aspects for conferences’ different types, starting from vision and mission statement development to the execution phase, and till the post-conference review.

Our full management services include but not limited to: Creating conference productions & theme.

Supplying of A/V equipments and IT technology.

Luxury management for conference VIP delegates.

Complete management with DMCs for conference international delegates.

Provide the best suitable creative ideas for conferences’ refreshments activities.

In/Out-Bound conference management (Time management, Risk management, Insurance, Media coverage, etc..).

As a leading company in Team Building Activities, we provide the best creative ideas for conferences’ ice-breaking activities and games which are very appropriate to the style and atmosphere of the Conference.

If you are looking to do something different and more creative than the normal at your next conference or meeting, then contact us now to discuss your needs.

  • Cost 15,000 US
  • capacity: Suitable for up to 450 delegates
  • includes

    450 Chair Covers

    45 Centerpieces

    200 translation headsets

    450 Voting keypads

    10*5 meter Stage backdrop

    2 projectors

    2 screen 3*4 meter

    8 speakers

    Mixer with 24 channels

    6 wireless MIC

  • Cost 8000 US
  • capacity: Suitable for up to 250 delegates
  • includes

    250 Chair covers

    25 centerpieces

    100 translation headsets

    250 Voting keypads

    8*4 meter Stage backdrop


    3*4 meter screen

    6 speakers

    Mixer with 20 channels

    4 wireless MIC

  • Cost 6000 US
  • capacity: Suitable for up to 150 delegates
  • includes

    150 Chair covers

    15 centerpieces

    50 translation headsets

    150 Voting keypads

    6*3 meter stage backdrop

    3500 ANSI Projector

    Screen 3*2 meter

    4 speakers

    Mixer with 12 channels

    2 wireless MIC

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