Trade & Road shows

Roadshow Marketing and Brand Activation

Roadshow marketing and brand activation events allow brands to meet many potential customers face to face, sell many products in a short period of time, and receive valuable feedback about these products or services. Roadshow brand activation is designed to influence potential customers to purchase a product through series of marketing events that will let them feel experience with the brand.

Whether your business is new or established, participating in roadshows and brand activation campaigns can be a successful venture. Making the most creative of brand activation is not easy. However, with careful planning, roadshow activations can be used effectively to increase a customer base, compete with businesses in the same market, and learn more about the marketplace. NewLevel Egypt can support all that in a very creative way.

NewLevel Egypt can select the right brand activations concepts that provide a perfect experience for your target audience and make the time they spent at your booth memorable during a busy day at a crowded spot.

From understanding your business and your product; we design your trade show image, your booth from interior and exterior, operations and venue choice.

As interactive marketing events specialists, we can give your trade show presence that extra “something” that will make you and your product stand out.


  • A professional local or international magician plays the crowd, performing tricks associated with your brand, like pulling your product out of a hat or from out of a spectator’s pocket, transforming birds, or other things, involving the audience.
  • Imagine having your brand kiosk/booth inside any major shopping mall or even at an event of your choice, showing off a new trendy entertaining experience with your brand at the center of the whole story. All this using an illusion concept in all activation props and interactive activities.
  • Musical show in the streets, 200 percussion music instruments playing catchy tunes, with all branded materials and props, the boys and girls in brand t-shirts, as well as the instruments themselves.
  • You don’t have to research the trendiest sports activities in the world – we’ll present you with the most attractive options for sports games on the wave right now, to choose from for your brand activation. 360 Football! Or Head Ping-Pong! Ever heard of these?
  • The chain reaction concept is omnipresent in our life without us even noticing – imagine using the chain reaction concept to educate your target audience about your brand production cycle in fun and interesting way!
  • It’s all about beach and water, all about fun and socialising in casual style, with your brand at the hub of all activities; you will be definitely having the best ROI ever from any of your BTL marketing activities.
  • entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles or sustainable dance floor, aiming to empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet. Would you like your brand to be the ambassador for such a concept?
  • All brands target university students, and here we can tour them in Olympics format. Powered by your brand, we will design the best integration system to link all sports scores with other sports, to keep the campaign hot till the last day.
  • This is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input; we can create a video game for your target audience to enter into whenever they point their mobile cameras at your logo anywhere.
  • Easily arranged and innovative, this is a 100+ Santa Claus touring a city during Christmas to distribute giveaways with your brand, or having photo sessions with a first time show of one hundred Santa Claus characters all together presenting your brand name.
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