Theme Corporate Event

Make Your Next Corporate Event Theme A Success With New Level Egpyt

With NewLevel Egypt, the sky is the limit! Plan your corporate themed events and make them as creative as you can imagine. Whether you plan a fun party for your guests or a team activity for your employees, choose from our handpicked list the theme that will make your business achieve its goals.

  • Ice & Fire- Silver & Gold- 20’s ( Black & white)
  • 7o’s (Fancy)- Desert & Forest-Neon ( Glow in the Dark)
  • Halloween ( Zombies, Pirates)-Masquerade-Around the world
  • Sports Festivals-Street Carnivals-Beyond the stars ( Journey to the Space)
  • Casino Life – African ( Wild life)
  • Superhero ( Batman – superman – Cat woman , …….)
  • The power of us ( Team building)-Hollywood (TV commercial)
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