Team Building Tours

Team Building Tours

Join us … on a breathtaking, educative, never once boring journey across several fascinating team building experiences. Five exciting concepts designed to explore opposing experiences as a team and build up skills in fascinating trial environments. Great team building value challenges that take you on day tours from the desert to the Nile, from 6th of October City to New Cairo and to the sea in Ain el Sukhna!

Learn how to work as a team, experience contrasting environments, find out how to solve short term challenges, discover relaxation and spirituality as key components for more productivity – our range of team building experiences has it all.

Don‘t miss out on the incredibly fun-packed, value added team building package just right for small and medium sized companies with smaller teams!

Find out all about it on the following pages – we are looking forward to working with you!

  • Fire & Ice Team Building tour in 6th October A tour of contrasts and contradictions that will take you through intense, successful learning experiences. Fire & Ice is all about testing self-assessment and communication with other team members within contrasting environments – trying the fire shooting first and then experience team building as an ice skating format
  • Horse & Dragon The power of animals Horse and dragon both have their own characters, we can learn a lot about the values, personalities and capabilities they represent using SWOT analyses
  • Sea & Sky Team Building tour in Sokhna Wind and waves at Ain el Soukhna Moving from sea level to the mountain heights on the same day will be your own inspirational approach to get to know the purpose of your life, with your work being one of the most important elements in reaching your life purpose!
  • Speed & Fear Team Building tour in New Cairo Clearing obstacles – with the power of emotions! It‘s all about how to control it – during this program we use a mix between speed and fear to learn how to control the speed of our lives and our daily fears, to master the challenges ahead.
  • Shoot & Escape Team Building tour in New Cairo Strategy and cleverness as a team From almost lifelike trench warfare to escaping from locked rooms, what counts here is sticking it out as a team. Winning the shootout or solving the clues necessary to make an escape can only be achieved with strategy and a common goal.
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