Event management companies in Egypt offer the service to host events such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc. These services include organizing the venue, catering, accommodation, transportation, security, etc.

For event organizers, it may be difficult to find your perfect event management company in Egypt.  But, how will you choose the one that best fits your needs?

There are so many things to consider, and we wanted to share with you what we like to look for when choosing an event management company. In this article, we will discuss the following points to help you find the events company that satisfies your needs;

  1. What should you consider in your search for the best event management company?
  2. The top five questions to ask before hiring an event management company.
  3. Ways to find the best event management company for your upcoming event in Egypt?
  4. Things You Have to Pay Attention to When You Have Your Final List of Best Event Management Companies.


1. What Should You Consider in Your Search for the Best Event Management Company in Egypt?

The following are some of the points that differentiate event management companies from others:


A good event management company will organise any event, no matter how big or small. This includes managing all aspects of the event, including the location, date, time, budget, etc. They will also know all available venues in Egypt and can help you find one that meets your needs, therefore, you have to find someone that will be able to fulfill your most complex activities.


An experienced event management company has worked on different events for years, so, they know what works well and what does not work well, they know which vendors are reliable and which ones are not. Moreover, they will be familiar with local laws and regulations, so there won’t be any surprises after the event.

Communication Skills

Event management companies usually communicate with their client through emails, phone calls, text messages, etc, this helps them coordinate everything smoothly and efficiently. They keep track of everything going on with the project. It also allows them to solve any problems that may arise quickly.


Unlike most vendors who only work on certain days of the week, event management companies work around the clock, so, they can handle any problem that may occur. Also, since they are flexible, they can adjust their schedule according to their client’s needs. For example, if the client wants to change the date of the event, a good event management company can do it without charging extra fees.

Knowledge of Egyptian Culture

Since many people come to Egypt from abroad, they might not understand the local customs and traditions. Therefore, the event management company must be knowledgeable about this aspect, otherwise, things can get out of hand and cause embarrassment for both parties involved.


Most event management companies are hectic and cannot always respond immediately to their client’s requests. However, they ensure that they attend to their clients’ requests within 24 hours. If something urgent comes up, they will contact their clients right away.


Event management companies charge reasonable rates and don’t overcharge their clients. They usually provide free consultations to their clients. Furthermore, they typically give discounts to large groups and corporations.

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2. The Top Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Event Management Company


Do I really need an event management company?

Yes! There are many reasons why you should consider hiring an event management company. However, if you already have some essential event planning experience, you don’t necessarily need an event management company, instead, you may even want to hire two part-time employees to help you out.

Part-time employees can provide additional support while you manage the details. For example, you can assign them to take care of specific tasks like sending invitations, registering attendees, etc.

If you don’t have any experience planning an event, you probably need an event management company.  In this case, an event management company can help you put together a detailed timeline and budget. They’ll also advise the best venues, caterers, photographers, florists, entertainment, etc.

If you’re looking to host a big event, like a conference or convention, you may benefit from having an event management company. An event management company can assist you with everything from setting up registration systems to booking speakers.

You may also need an event management company if you’re hosting a small event such as a birthday party or anniversary dinner. While you may have the skills necessary to plan a simple affair, it’s still helpful to have an expert there to oversee things.

Can any event management company do the job?

The goal of event management is to create memorable experiences for attendees. Event management companies should achieve this experience  by planning, organising, promoting, and executing these events.

Some event management companies specialise in large scale events such as product launch, conferences, trade shows or conventions, others focus on smaller events such as team building, weddings or corporate meetings.

While some event management companies manage only one type of event, others manage multiple types. For example, a wedding planner might also contain a company retreat.

What are the benefits of using an event management company?

Event management companies usually offer several advantages over doing it yourself:

  • Experience – Having an event management company helps you avoid making costly mistakes resulting in poor attendee experiences. For example, they will know what works well at different events. They’ll also know where to look for vendors specialising in certain areas, like event advertising and communications.
  • Time – You won’t have to worry about finding the right venue, catering, entertainment, etc. Your event management company will do most of the legwork for you. This frees you up to focus on other aspects of the event.
  • Expertise – Most event management companies have been through dozens of events themselves. As a result, they know what works and what doesn’t work when organising an event. If something goes wrong during your event, they’ll be able to identify the problem and suggest solutions quickly.
  • Budget – With a team of experts helping you, you’ll save money on labour costs. Instead of hiring multiple employees at various event stages, you only need one person to handle everything. Plus, you’ll have someone available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

Is this event management company specialised in this type of events?

The most important thing you should consider when choosing an event management company is whether they have experience with your specific type of event. You may want to hire someone specialising in your event type, this will ensure that they know what works best for that event.

Another important consideration is how much time the event management company has to work on your event. It’s not uncommon to book up to two years in advance. If you need help within just a few months, finding an experienced event management company may not be easy.

Your event company should have a dedicated team for each account that offers the best event management. It works with a large number of reliable suppliers to run only high-quality productions, have access to the most desirable locations in Egypt and support your business by providing you with a full brand experience, and we also deliver overall deliveries at a reasonable price.

Before hiring an event management company, make sure you understand its pricing structure. Many event management companies charge hourly rates, which they bill you by the hour. Others offer flat fees, meaning they bill you a set amount regardless of how many hours they spend working on your event.

How much does an event management company cost?

Depending on the size of the event, the services provided, the number of people involved, and other factors, event management companies typically range from 12% up 25% per event, this percentage is on the cost of items.

If you’re planning a significant event, it’s worth paying extra for a high-quality event management company. They are often hired because they have extensive experience planning events of all sizes. Even though they may charge less than a full-time employee, the value they bring to your event far outweighs the price difference.

3. Ways to Find the Best Event Management Company for Your Upcoming Event in Egypt.

  1. Word of mouth, ask your networks about their experiences with business leaders or previous events management companies.
  2. You can search around businesses on Google, Google helpfully provides local businesses in your area with a review and star rating.
  3. You can go for a short visit to NewLevel Egypt and have a free consultation about the event you are about to organise. Don’t waste away your time by hunting for and judging likely professionals, our team that will happily work with you to make a huge picture of your event.


4. Things You Have to Pay Attention to When You Have Your Final List of Best Event Management Companies:


Reputation plays a significant role in choosing the best event management company. You want an excellent reputation because they will take care of everything related to the event.


Before hiring anyone, it is recommended to check their portfolio. There must be samples of previous events that they have done. This shows that they have experience organising similar events.


One way to determine whether the person you’re considering is trustworthy is by checking their references. Make sure that you call each connection personally and ask about the quality of service provided.

Guarantee/Money-back Policy

Finally, look for a guarantee or money-back policy. This ensures that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you will receive a refund in case anything goes wrong during the event.



Choosing the right event management company can be difficult because there are so many options to choose from. However, if you take your time researching the companies and use the information found on their websites, this task becomes much more accessible. Companies that want to identify the most suitable digital enterprise for use in event management now have the opportunity to do so.