Event planning companies in Egypt are numerous, and they run their businesses with varying levels of professionalism and a wide range of choices for their clients. However, there are also some event planners that will not always deliver what they promise. Sometimes because of lack of experience or academic background. Besides, planning a wedding party differs from planning a fashion show which differs from planning a large scale business conference. So, how do you tell the difference?

Prepare for Your Project

You are having an event in Cairo as per your new product you are about to launch, several questions run through your mind, who to hire to organize things in that day? what are the requirements and how much this will cost? what problems you may encounter? There are some common questions we get from our clients when they are trying to figure out how to choose their event planner and a few of the most common responses from event planners.

Planning an event for your company/clients is a special exciting project, and it takes you on the journey of designing the project, based on creativity, administrative, and communication activities to be able to plan a sounded event for your company/clients, so it may require training programs to improve or acquire some skills.

Planning vs. Management

In professional events, there is a big difference between event planning and  event management . As a matter of fact, event planning comes before event management. It’s the strategic business of the events industry, starting from learning about our stakeholders, objectives, funding resources, and the return on the investment and returns on goals!

Service provider in this industry doesn’t mean he/she can manage your event from A to Z. Still, they are an excellent resource when you are planning an event, and it’s absolutely a success factor when you work it on the ground.

Producing a professional corporate event must be prepared by the internal team of the organization, but when it comes to execution on the basis, it must be assigned to an outsourced event management company that knows how to run events on the ground from different experiences to different types of events and clients.

Elements of Event Planning

There are number of elements elements you have to consider when planning an event:

Logistics Management

Logistics management is not a role of event planners; it’s event management professionals who use their approach and methods to run the events without error; they always have alternative solutions.

Advertising Management

Event advertising is a part of the event elements and it is a fiction in Egypt market to assign an event to an advertising agency unless this agency specializes in events management & design.

Event Communications

Event communication is the PR part of your event, whatever you organize the event for your community, employee or customers/publics, your PR colleague or outsourced agency is the best buddy for this task. Not because you are a professional event planner, that means you can make this task and communicate your event to their target audience. Yes, you might be the source of inspiration to the PR professional, still, they are the ones to tell you how to do what you want. They know the market from a wider angle, and they treat your event as a product, figure, or idea. They will be your best partner to develop the strategies, methods, and technical understanding of the media channels and tools to kick off your event communication plan with a succession story. 

Event Promotion

Event Promotion is the terminology with two faces; maybe you receive it as a task to promote your event as marketing activities, but the original purpose of event promotion is to find the attractive offer or element to capitalize on in your marketing activities. So, not a marketing task itself. It’s a tool that you can use in your marketing activities. For example, having a draw on a prize like a car or attractive discount only for those who will attend the event! so event promotion is an idea/tool that you create and then use in your marketing activities.

Live Events Management

Live events have their flavor, and you are like an on-air tv show in which everything that happens can be visible to anyone anytime; that’s why planning an event without proper management on the ground is a nightmare.

Professional corporate management in Egypt notes the one who seeks a higher quality with the lowest prices. This is fiction! You can’t make this under any means. Event management services providers in Egypt are categorized as those who trade their equipment and others who deal with their know-how, creativity, punctuality, business attitude, and ethics. You, as event planners professionals in multinational corporates, also look for an agency that can facilitate process and fund in advance, so if you choose to work directly with events services suppliers, you will face many challenges to overcome. How to choose your event management company in Egypt?

How to Plan Professional Corporate Events

For professional corporate events planning, you first need to contact professional services providers who can work with you closely during the planning phase, get ideas and suggestions from them, get prices, and receive their feedback on your execution plan. They are the people who will execute your planned event! So, it’s essential to know how the travel agency, caterer, entertainment agency, booths and furniture vendors, production and advertising agencies are going to supply you with your planned events. It’s good to mention that if you are going to be an organiser for a series of events for multiple purposes, you shall know what these purposes are because they affect how you plan these events.

Do I Have to Be an Event Organizer to Invest in Events Industry?

The business of events has a significant impact on the economy in any industry and its billion pounds industry; being an event organiser inside an organization like a corporate or hotel is different from making business in events. The first usually works for static systems and the second works for dynamic markets and demand. Still, you are not required to be the event organiser yourself to do a business in events; for example, if you are an employee in a corporate or hotel taking care of the events requests for your employer, that doesn’t mean you do business. Still, you contribute to the ecosystem of that business as an events organiser, and you deal with events organisers agencies, events suppliers, and those who do business in events.

Also, events business can be entirely an investment role. You inject funds in event ideas and make a return on your investment in just a few months; here also work in the events business without being an event organiser or having skills or knowledge about organizing this type of projects.

When do we use the term “Listed Event”?

Listed events here is the terminology that can go with your corporate listed events across the year, or for the agency that has a list of events for different clients.

The same term can be applied when you as an event owner succeed to list your event on the map of international and recognized events in any type. We can say that event is listed as a green event, or most good trade shows or international festival. Also, if your annual event has been there for a while, it will go to be a listed event on its type of industry in a particular market.

Will All Events Be Organized The Same Way?

Events for marketing your company whatever as an exhibitor in exhibition, or sponsor for mega-events, or even the owner of the campaign that takes your company to different events locations in a period. It’s completely different from training events and fun meetings or communication events for your company employees.

The above cases are entirely different from planning a stakeholder event for your company, like getting the company investors and potential ones into an event or inviting your essential clients (traders or other firms) to any evening event; each of those events has a different purpose, objectives, budget, and desired ROI (Return on Investment) & ROO (return on objectives )

Forms of Events Companies

Events company has different forms, they can be the stand-alone agency that works for clients’ events like corporate events, NGO events, universities events, government events, etc. They always have an event owner, and a service provider to help them plan and execute their events.

Another form could be an events companies who own their event/events idea like conferences, exhibitions, festivals, and kind sport themed events. Here these companies are owning, planning, and managing their own events business and most of these companies have their yearly agenda, and they do no event service supply to any company/client; they have only their idea/event and make it for customers/delegates/exhibitors.

What Are We Aiming to at NewLevelEgypt?

We at NewLevelEgypt – with deep theoretical understanding and more than 10 years of practical experience in the events field – are trying to enhance the future of this leading industry, cover as much as possible information about events planning companies in Egypt for all readers, in particular for corporate events planning professionals. We hope that this information can add better insights when your company/client asks you to be the organiser for a series of events across the year.