ILO Egypt (International Labour Organization in Egypt) has held ‘North Africa Conference on Gender Equality in The World of Work’ which was managed and organized by NewLevelEgypt.


The Main Objective of the Conference

The ILO event was an online event that involved 11 sessions from 8th November 2021 to 11th of November 2021 where 32 speakers & 100 attendees have met virtually from 10 countries.

The conference aimed at showcasing the progress that countries in North Africa, namely Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, have achieved in enhancing gender equality in the field of work and employment, and address prevailing challenges that could be prioritized to promote gender equality at work.


Why the Conference Was Implemented as an Online Event? 

The Event was hosted on Zoom platform with the Interpretation option between the three languages (Arabic, English & French) easily implemented and accessed by any participant.

Ease of communication & interaction between participants was a key factor. Any attendee had the ability to communicate with the speakers or any other participant (under control of the host regulations).  A Q&A session was dedicated by the end of the event.