Instead of classic on-ground events, virtual events are now used for meetups, online conferences, online expos, and others. Several platforms are used for virtual events. Many of those have emerged after the covid-19 pandemic. These virtual events have a lot of benefits over everyday on-ground events, yet virtual events cannot replace all classic events. Virtual events are a step forward to the future.


What Is a Virtual Event, and Why to Hold It?

Virtual events are made for the same purpose as classical events: get people together to announce something, showcase something, or promote and market your products/ services/ideas.

The basic mental image about virtual events is where we can watch a flat-screen with presenters who talk about something, but now, this image has been changed completely.

Having a virtual event means you are not physically inside the event, but you are connected to it and can interact with its content. Now we can do so via a virtually prepared environment where we can feel inside the event, not just a connection through the screen! These virtual reality events in metaverse are also virtual events but in a more immersive experience.


What are the Types of the Virtual Event?

Virtual event can have several forms, the most famous of which are:

Live Stream

Such as YouTube or Facebook with just comments as an interactive and engaging way with the audience.


Where speakers can be together in the panel and audience interaction through chat or audio intervention, platforms like zoom or Microsoft teams, are very popular to be used for webinars and conferences online.

3D Virtual Event (Desktop)

3D visual content with audio and video conferencing. Some private enterprises and specialised companies created virtual events solutions to add extra benefits to virtual events through laptops or mobile screens! You can remotely host your conference, hold meetups with your team and enjoy lively casual events. Several platforms used to hold these virtual events such as Virbela, airmeet, and others.

3D Virtual Event (Virtual Reality)

Virtual reality in the metaverse era where virtual events become more accurate! Still, call this a virtual event but using virtual reality headsets to access an environment where we see ourselves inside the event and interact more happily and confidently as we are on the ground in classical events, these types of events are now in increase and will be the norm of any virtual events in the very near future 2025. A lot of apps can be found on different headsets stores like altspace, glue, etc

Online sessions can be held not only to cover scientific areas like education, health, medical & pharmamedical but also to cover economic sectors like banking, agriculture & farming, sales & retail, marketing, building, wellness, and training.

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What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Event?

There are several reasons why virtual events are becoming a popular choice for meetups and virtual conferences;

Potential of Engagement

The first reason is the potential for engagement & interaction. Virtual events need to provide a personal connection between attendees and exhibitors. A digital library can be a great way to create this experience. Through your event, messaging is so simple from the instructor to the audience and vice versa. You can even control each attendee separately. You can easily ask for feedback from your audience after your session ends.

This powerful advantage can also be used for team building activities. It is not only for engaging with people outside your business, but to increase interaction and bonding within the team. Check out New Level’s list of virtual team building activities.

Increased Capacity

The second reason is that a digital world can be a great way to engage a large audience. Using a simple online registration process, no technical skills are required, in return, great tools and options are available in addition to security.

More Availability 

The Third reason is the fact that people can participate from anywhere. No physical space is required, and virtual meetings are convenient for busy professionals. where there is no need for the participants to drive long distances.

Building Networks

Another reason is that the virtual event can help organisers build a community around their events; attendees can interact with the virtual event community by answering questions and taking surveys. This can lead to new business opportunities for attendees. If virtual events are successful, they can help virtual companies make more money. In addition to facilitating networking, they can also promote company growth. Another benefit of virtual events is that they can be scaled quickly and are more effective than offline events.

Powerful Data Analysis

Lastly and most importantly is the power of reporting. Simply, with your event held online, you can easily make statistics from which you can get very powerful insights about your event. Analysis can begin from the registration process by defining the number of registrants and follow up how much of them adhered to attending your event partially or completely. Analysis can also include the types of devices they used for registration or attendance, even the operating system used. You can measure and track how much interaction & questions asked. The point here is that not only you can have these analyses once it happens, but some of these analyses can not be implemented on ground while online platforms make a way to get them.

Review online event organised by New Level for International Labour Organization; NA Gender Equality Conference by ILO Egypt.

There are many other benefits of virtual events. The participants can meet new people, share ideas, and network. Moreover, it will also benefit sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors. In a virtual event, sponsors can benefit from a flywheel effect that can result in more revenue. The future of events will look very different from what they are today. If a company decides to invest in virtual events, then there will be benefits for them as well.

The future of virtual conferences is bright. These days, the virtual world allows for greater flexibility, accessibility, and social engagement. Today’s technologies have made it possible for a more personalised experience and affordable price.

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Why are Virtual Events the New Normal?

Virtual events are becoming the norm of meetups, virtual conferences and more. This is because virtual events have several benefits over traditional on-ground events. Since online affairs can be done from anywhere globally, they allow for an interactive experience that was previously possible. You can schedule an international virtual event with attendance from Africa, America, Australia, or any country, overpassing all distances in between and saving lots of hours for transportation. Online circumstances don’t require any travel time or lodging costs, making them much cheaper than their on-ground counterparts. These features make virtual events a step forward to the future!


How to Organize a Virtual Event?

If you are a professional in event management, you will know how to do this online; bringing the proper climbers to work with you in virtual events is the essential thing that any event professional knows; we know that we bring the right people in the right place, this is number one skill for any event professional, so getting the IT gig and tech-friendly team to organise your virtual event with you.

Now, it is time to start planning your event. That will guide you to design the event media, content and communication.

Understanding your audience and knowing that they will attend from mobile or laptop will give you more insights about the level of distractions that your audience will be facing during your event.

Getting your virtual event into the same user level as your on-ground event, you will need to work on the content of the event much more than any other thing.

Working on your virtual event content will be the primary tool for making this virtual event a Successful one; people in the in-person event can be satisfied and happy from the event because of the whole experience even if the content wasn’t excellent enough, but in your virtual event the content is the hero and the way to communicate it is the correct tool to prove your success.


Future of Virtual Events

The future of meetups and virtual conferences includes virtual events. A digital event is a virtual event that doesn’t require a physical event. The technology makes virtual events easier to plan and an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs. The future of meetups and virtual conferences is hybrid (an online with live events mix) in a digital world. For example, a mixed event has an in-built virtual conference page, allowing registrants to take notes and ask questions. The live stream of a virtual event is the future of a meeting.

Another reason why virtual events are the future of meetups and virtual conferences is the ease of collaboration. The Internet has made it easier to host meetings online than ever before, and it allows for a greater level of personal engagement. The technology also helps participants to interact with others. With more people participating in virtual meetings, a more intimate relationship can develop. A business can establish and maintain a strong presence online.

The future of meetups and events is virtual in the metaverse, and it is not the only advantage. There are several benefits of online virtual metaverse events. One of these is that they can provide a rich user experience. With the power of VR headsets, people can interact with other participants. It can also help companies connect with new clients.