Ramadan team activities is a unique experience for Muslims and non-Muslim, to share several activities and enforce social bond between co-workers in the workplace. Be sure to plan Ramadan corporate activities that are inclusive and open to everyone.


Ramadan Corporate Events, How to Do It Right?


Ramadan corporate events are a chance to connect with colleagues and clients in an exciting new way. Effective team activities are a great way to take your business to the next level and establish stronger relationships with key stakeholders within your organisation and your community. But these events don’t just happen on their own; it takes careful planning, budgeting, research, and time to ensure that you have the best corporate event possible. This article will give you some tips on doing Ramadan corporate events right to be successful, fun, memorable occasions for everyone involved.

You can also use Ramadan to show appreciation by thanking Muslim employees for fasting during Ramadan by sending them home early or giving them time off from work if they need it.


Keep in Mind the Purpose of the Event

Why do we do corporate iftar Ramadan or sohour events? What is the event’s primary purpose,  i.e. networking, business development, charity etc…and focus on that aspect. Ramadan month is an extraordinary one for any Muslim country, and people are much closer and more open to each other than on regular days. This makes corporate events during Ramadan an excellent opportunity for businesses and an effective way of building relationships with your customers and staff members. But be aware! Not all corporate activities during Ramadan will bring you success! It would help if you did some planning to get results from your investment. The main goal of such an event should be increasing sales and improving staff morale and not just entertaining them with food and drinks! We use Ramadan Corporate events to reconnect our people together and toward the company goals and mission; its nothing wrong with that! Ramadan Month is the emotional season to through messages and builds rapport with our market, stakeholders and employees. We can make our corporate events stand out by adding elements that show our passion for these goals. It may seem strange at first, but when done correctly, many studies have demonstrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs increase employee engagement and drive sales. As Muslims gather for their iftars and colours, they talk about their experiences with friends and family – often sharing positive comments about how excellent a particular restaurant was or what fun they had at another location.


Schedule Your Ramadan Corporate Event

Ramadan Month for corporate events is very crowded; most venues are busy with reservations in advance; you must book the date at least three weeks. If you want to have a Ramadan corporate event during Ramadan month and haven’t booked your venue yet, don’t wait until the last minute. Ramadan month starts on April 2nd 2022, and ends on May 1st 2022. So now we have about five days left before Ramadan month starts. Book your venue now! Don’t wait until the last minute, or else you will not be able to find a platform that fits your needs. And the fastest way to do so is if setup a budget frame for a particular number of guests and get in contact right now with the event management company, not a venue; booking through an events company makes the process faster than you might think; events companies speak the same language of you as corporate as well as hotel and venues management language. Also, they have direct access to many venues and hotels. They can put together all aspects of your Ramadan corporate event in one place. You can rest assured that every part of your Ramadan corporate event will be taken care of without stress.

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What Are the Best Team Activities During Ramadan?

The main aim of such activities is to let staff know how important they are and give them a chance to relax together and have fun. So, what exactly are these activities? Here’s a list that includes just about everything you can think of!  Activities during Ramadan should be focused on team building, creating an opportunity for communication, and helping employees connect in an informal setting. Activities should be planned not to offend anyone; make sure your event is suitable for everyone. Here are some great examples:


1 – Quiz – Fawazeer Ramadan

Showing Fawazeer Ramadan on Digital LED Screen using a Voting Keypads system and create tailor-made fun and memorable questions with multiple choices; having this activity with your corporate iftar or your event will be the best fit; it engage people while they are just sitting and it brings a fun environment to everyone. Also, it helps your company to test some information with their employees, so part of the questions is business-related, so you can quickly know if this information is well communicated to your employees or not.


2 – Music Activities

Get together with a musical activity as group work is always a good approach after having the food, imagine 300 musical instruments like drums and coble and other percussion instruments to be distributed to your colleagues and an experienced facilitator like the maestro of this orchestra to bring everyone happy to this Ramadan night, it takes like 45 minutes where everyone will play on right track and tempo to make a fantastic teamwork activity with Ramadan music vibes


3 – Donation Gifts

Wrapping gifts for donations is an excellent way to show your employees that we care about others if everyone covers A GIFT; at the end of the event, we have a fantastic look for charity gifts to be sent to an orphan house and document this by taking some photos of the kid’s happy faces so they can see what results happen out of this wrapping gifts activity.


4 – Themed Designed Board

Painting a prominent Ramadan themed designed board together for the end of day photo is also an activity that brings everyone to one vision; every table will have one frame with outlined design, so they will be asked to colour this frame based on the A4 guide,  once all tables finished the colouring, will be assembled like a puzzle of the giant board to bring up the big picture of your company with Ramadan themed design.

Make sure your choice Ramadan activity doesn’t require an actual physical effort and getting an image of a fun day; it should be meaningful and make sense to Ramadan. Check complete List of Ramadan Activities offered by New Level

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How to Celebrate Ramadan at the Workplace?


The workplace is often not on top of our minds when Ramadan hits, but for many workers and businesses, there are a lot of considerations that need to be made during Ramadan. You want your employees to be able to observe their religion while also keeping productivity levels up. You want employees who don’t observe Ramadan to be included in the fun—and you want those employees who are fasting from dawn until sundown themselves! Ramadan corporate events are one way to make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy each other’s company without worrying about work. It might seem like an overwhelming task at first. Still, with some planning and creative thinking, you can have an enjoyable Ramadan corporate celebration inside the workplace or outside events that will benefit both your business and its employees.

Prepare your workplace with Ramadan vibes through visual decoration to entertainment activities. Sometimes during working hours, you need to surprise your employees with a fun show that is Ramadan related so your people can always feel and see Ramadan is fun inside the workplace and not so often need to go home early or avoid work much as average months, the Ramadan celebration in the workplace has a mission to accomplish is giving the workplace energy that leads to work as average other months.


After Your Corporate Ramadan Event/Month of Ramadan


Ramadan Corporate Events are extraordinary events that need to be developed year after year, so it’s essential to survey after your event and preferably during the event itself so people can still have the original feelings from the event and give you as an event organiser for your corporate, beneficial insights and constructive feedback about your work to them. Also, your effort to make your company workplace a themed Ramadan environment need input so you can benefit your company and create a more significant outcome for the next year, asking our employees after the event or the winter month what would be better to do next time, this is the golden key for a better job next time.

Companies need to remain engaged and connected with their employees in today’s fast-paced, tech-driven, increasingly globalised world. One way to do this is by organising fun and exciting corporate events, and Ramadan team activities provide opportunity that allow employees to unwind and enjoy the company of their colleagues outside the office.