Events Planning Companies in Egypt

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Event planning companies in Egypt are numerous, and they run their business with various levels of professionalism and a wide range of choices for their clients. However, some event planners will not consistently deliver what they promise. Maybe because of lack of experience or academic background. So, how do you tell the difference?

Top 30 team building venues/Locations in Egypt

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Sky Resort @ New Cairo Sky resort is an exclusive club in New Cairo with excellent service. It has many outdoor areas, big gardens with plenty of space. The Sky Resort can handle large groups, we have run courses for up to 400 people. Indoor, they have a ballroom and many breakout rooms.

Corporate Automation vs. Innovation

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Corporate Automation vs. Innovation Digital transformation has completely changed the way organizations and customers interact. The availability of instant connections has made many tasks easier. On the other hand, they have increased some of the daily workloads, with clients keen on instant answers and solutions and a much higher degree of personalization than

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