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Good Habits are just as addictive as Bad Habits, but much more rewarding

Does a social public behavior bother you?

Use an event to help people change the way they do things; their driving style, throwing rubbish in the street, queue jumping, and the lack of team play or a sense of shared ownership of public goods.Subtle messages, often with the help of celebrity endorsements can be very effective in making people see the error of their ways.

Marketing and advertising usually respond to people's habits and the way of thinking. Here NewLevel Egypt turn the tables and use marketing to change minds.

You might be reluctant to get rid of your bad habits because they are familiar and comfortable to you. But instead of clinging to those bad habits, realize that you can adopt better ones that will eventually feel just as good--if not better--than your old habits, and will benefit you so much more in the long term.

Start small by replacing one small bad habit with one good habit.Studies show that having a conscious plan helps you get started with overcoming bad habits. You can't just say "I'm going to stop wasting time surfing the Internet" and expect to succeed. You have to come up with a concrete plan to make this happen.NewLevel Egypt can help you to achieve that.

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