Franchising & Partnership


If you already run a business in the event industry, or in marketing, advertising, PR or travel agency ,  if you have difficulties providing a suitable event experience or real team building activity for your corporate clients, running a NewLevel franchise is the ideal solution! It will enable you to expand into the area of corporate events – if you want to learn more about this opportunity, drop us an email!

We offer a shortcut to young entrepreneurs wanting to start their own events management business in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries – we will help you set up a business with zero capital, considering you our ambassador in your city or country. This will give you the great opportunity to be your own boss and a business owner. Drawbacks??? Well, we will give this chance to capable, talented young people willing to invest 100% of their time and effort, to profit from our company’s name and bring to life their own project, taking them on the path to their dream career. If you think that’s you, do not hesitate to  contact us!


We at NewLevel Egypt are eager to set up the world biggest corporate events hub.Therefore we are always on the lookout for potential business partners with solid background and experience. If you run an events company and want a joint venture, a businessman in search of a novel investment, or even a real estate company looking for a unique option with great ROI prospects, just  contact us!