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Code of conduct New Level Egypt

Letter from Chief Experience officer

Challenge of Legacy

As a home-grown business in events experience designing and implementation, with an eye for detail and desiring a deep understanding of the event objectives and goals, we pride ourselves and believe we at NewLevel will reach a legacy in this industry and will stay active and successful to year 2050 and beyond.&nbsp

We don’t take the business of events management as a business activity for the sake of profit, fun or lifestyle. We take our role and part in a complete business ecosystem to help our clients and their stakeholders flourish more and give back to our community and environment.&nbsp

We trust the process and know that we have a great future and enjoy the present with pride in our history and the entrepreneurial beginning of NewLevel back to 2007

Hamada Mohsen 

Chairman and Chief Experience Officer, New Level

Our Organization Behavior

Ownership Doing what I am responsible for like I own it
  • I believe in the purpose of my work, and I take ownership of what I do!
  • I start every day to work for a purpose!
  • I can give support in whatever I can do if I know how to do it, not only what I must do!
Performance Results oriented, not actions oriented
  • Great efforts lead to a good experience, but achievements
  • Always lead to success!
  • I give my best in my tasks at work and have fun to the max in my free time, where I seek the best performance!
  • I consider the time element while achieving; timing is the critical success of performance!
Quality Seeking to fulfil quality in all customer needs.
  • My customer is our employer; I’ll do my best to solve his problems by all means.
  • I always work efficiently and effectively to realise
  • The best possible quality.
  • I prefer dealing with all quality stuff inside my company, so I can
  • Please provide the best quality services and experiences for our customers
Innovation Seeking new challenges that lead to creativity
  • I am always creating and using innovative new techniques to solve problems. Speed is our necessary action in executing, and I always work.
  • Within deadlines to ensure delivery on time.
  • I focus on quality while working efficiently and speedily. That doesn’t mean that we provide low-quality services.
Learning Continuous learning makes us rule the market.
  • I must be updated with world trends since this helps me be more creative.
  • I use all available means to learn and count on myself before anyone else.
  • Learning is the seed of evolving; if I keep my learning curve going higher, I will always be at the top.


Our internal practice

We don’t have a dress code when we meet in the office or with clients, but we assure our people are smart enough to look good and professional.

Our working style is entirely free of location; welcome in our cozy office any time, but our people can work from anywhere, and they will feel they are part of a great team has a sense of ownership.

Our people have free access to our warehouse and can have their events using the company assets.

Our people can easily take any educational courses fully funded by the company under some conditions.

Our external practice

We respect privacy for our people and expect a high level of integrity and respect for our data, intellectual property, and know-how. We believe we choose the right people to work with our high-end clients and us. They need a high level of privacy and confidentiality in all business communications.

Our people are aware of the conflict of interest and raise in professional environments to know what is right and wrong by default.

Environmental responsibility

Climate Change is a severe risk, and events business has a significant impact on the planet earth We at NewLevel are committed to waste management, energy consumption and reducing the footprint of our events on the planet.

Diversity and Inclusion

new level provides everyone with equal access to opportunities and resources and never acts or judges based on religion, Ethnicity, or Country of Origin.

We focus on building a workforce with different backgrounds. Then, we put the right culture and environment to enable them to thrive together for a better life for them, the company, and all our stakeholders.